The tree is up in Denver and we are celebrating the new Trump reality show, “Cold Justice”. MOSH? Cmon, what are you new? Brand New BLOODCLOT, somehow Megadeth sneaks in, some weirdo pop song that annoyed me at a super high level, but then all of a sudden, DJ Phantom throws bombs with ELVIS HITLER, CROMAGS, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, Live AGNOSTIC FRONT and HUEY LEWIS defends his honor against the music director from Ghostbuster’s 3. Did I mention none of this is real and disclosure is on the way? Runaway Parade Floats, faking your own death, Podesta Spirit Cooks on a Spirit Airlines flight and the result is a Cauldron of Snakes so evil, a Virgin Airlines Sacrifice will be made to cover up the FAKE NEWS Death of someone faking their own death, Live from Argentina its “Let’s Not Let This Get To Cannibalism”.


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