Meet The Team


Whiskey and The Surfer is Alternative Realty Rock Programming. It’s morning drive speed but for the maniacs who listen/work overnights.
In the year 2065, 4 Entertainment Algorithms hijack a Time Machine from their FEMA Camp 17 levels below The Denver Airport.
The hosts, AM Morning Team, Whiskey and The Surfer, (Wes Key and Fliip Riivers) , DJ Phantom and JLJ stem back the tides of Nerds and Ne’re-do-wells by riffing about alternative realities, simulation theory, Faith, conspiracy, demons, Fake News and movies they will never see.
Wes Key and Fliip Riivers have both moved over from the AM side of the dial.  After being digitally suspended they now form the duo Whiskey and The Surfer and have been trying to out do each other as they battle to be the 3rd voice on the Cart Path of life.
Wes Key (Whiskey) is the cool headed, socially liberal, married sober loveable optimist who loves rock and Fliip (The Surfer) is the immature brash, Libertarian, tin foil hat party aficionado and knower of all things metal.
John Tole is a Denver based stand up comic, writer, broadcaster, podcaster, voice actor, regular actor, philosopher and metal head who secretly likes punk better. He was featured in Vice last year with the triumphant return of his band Pitboss 2000 and the power of a faith driven life transformation. Tole is the host of Whiskey and The Surfer, where he takes his listeners on a daily crash course in martyr school.