1 2 1 2 3 4 , We are off and running like a JOURNEY Cover song, shot out of a Cannon coming to you from the Oregon Coast where we are raging on Legal Weed, Anti Starbucks Sentiment and half my hotel are here for Dysentary related funerals. We discuss living in The Post Truth America as the Culture moves from Truth to Data and the implications of using Crowd Emotion Sourcing to Determine what is real for the majority. FACTS no longer MATTER as The Digital Algorithm Worms employed by Youtube and Hollywood make sure you are focused on the Satanic Hollywood Parade that is The Scientology Float where Tom Cruise jumps on a Giant Couch on Lease from Gallagher’s Cousin.

DJ Phantom shows up and says we are doing FACE TO FACE, GUTTERMOUTH, MANIAC and JUDICIARY, a couple odd surprises, 1 weird song I forgot the name of PLUS! AU REVOIR SIMONE? Is that a band? Anyways plus and way more important, SEPULTURA, THE ALMIGHTY COLD AS LIFE, HARMS WAY, and THE HELLACOPTERS. Pentagrams invade a park as The Satanists demand Equal Christmas, Facebook and their left leaning antics are somehow coopted by The Ultra Right Wing in Germany as they demand Sanctions for Hate Speech as some Dutch Politician takes it in the pants because a Crowd wants less neredowells invading their Red Light District.

Thanks to The Sour Koolaid Show on Twitch, Motel 6 and apologies to The YMCA, The Indian from The Village People, Fonzi’s Waterproof Leather and Vanna White’s Cankle Issues. See ya Monday! Medford Oregon Friday and Saturday, Back in the friendly confines of our home studio 17 levels below The Denver Airport, Whiskey and The Surfer return to COLORADO! U R MOSHN or you you’re not because A. You Don’t Thrash and B. See A.

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