Hellacopter Dong Amputation

It is Wednesday or that’s what those purveyors of FAKE NEWS want you to believe. This is Trump’s America every door opens when its attached to a World Leader. We talk about how to get into The Golden Elevator, we invade a Seminar on Whiteness and score with chicks who later have to sell their hair to eat. This is TRUMP’s AMERICA, these Haircasters better get in line or they’ll be slanging lies on a chinese knockoff of Vine.  A guy gets left at the Altar and another alters his unit because his wife A. Hasn’t smiled in 10 years and B. A is probably enough. She’s not much to look like and their Third World House looks like they’re banging on the Set of a CaddyShack related Set at a poorly planned Haunt. Probably a better riff for October. Some airline makes flying worse again, The FOO FIGHTERS are not on this show BUT we rage with HOODS, IRON MAIDEN, every show? why not? INTERNAL AFFAIRS, TAKE OFFENSE, CIRCLE JERKS, SUICIDAL, DI, a TRIPLE SHOT OF SOD, some old timey shit I forgot the name of, plus you know, THE ALMIGHTY AGNOSTIC FRONT and we continue to rage in THE TWILIGHT ZONE with GOLDEN EARING.  I can’t wait to see the video of TRUMP Mocking MCCAIN. Anyone see an issue with a move to change the 7 year General in Government Rule to a lesser time? Apologies to SNOW, the tram operator who got loud during The Jaws part of Universal, Black Licorice and all byproducts and remember None of This is Real.


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