Zuckerberg’s Chinese Drone Bait



BROH, we are moshing along with the impending end of the First Amendment, The Electoral College, Snopes, Facebook as Fox News and Their Truth Weilding Team of Perfect Haired Models cross their hot gams and tell you the things you already believe. DJ Phantom throws a couple old Timey Jams including Patti something, The NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND leads into stories going into two directions. 1 Police dog feasts on a homeless guy while some PA weirdo feasts on Dog Dong in a video taped exploit only to be Narced out by her Sister in Law. Emails hacked and any bloating or weight gain is not Christmas’ Fault, its The Russians. We are MOSHING with MOTLEY CRUE, EARTH CRISIS, ONE LIFE CREW, NO JUSTICE, The Almighty FLOORPUNCH, TERRORIZER, a Death Metal Band I already forgot the name of. A semi non spoiled ROGUE ONE Review and 3 MOVIES FROM FANDANGO.COM proving how much HOLLYWOOD hates you and wants all your money as the town figures out how to make Heart Warming Propaganda stories of love as The Right Wing invades the Liberal Writer’s will her Period be covered under Trump’s Obamacare in a special Episode of BLOSSOM. NONE OF THIS IS REAL.

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