Heaven Can Wait




After crushing PHX and CIN we rock rage from the Home Studio 17 levels below DIA. Waiting back on this email, is it a 5 pronged FBI attack designed to distract and buy time or is there really something there as we push pause the check the USA Countdown Clock Sponsored by Netflix and are you going to let it roll into the next Incarnation of coming Power. Safe spaces, open borders, fewer jobs just enough to massage a couple hundred full and profitable private prisons and thats happening even if Jill Stein wears the Buffalo Bill suit of Bernie Sanders and crashes the markets. This is all just silly. More lyrics, I like that my program just has this open blog space where I can muse, ponder a future surrounded by such a well armed, angry and perfectly distracted and out of shape Americans. You just cant write this. I mean you can. You just have to decide to. Some sweet words out of the Book of Revelations, a guy chucks his fake EYE at a NURSE, we jam with MURPHY’S LAW, DEATH THREAT, ALL OUT WAR, RINGWORM, MAIDEN and KICK IT up top with some Beasties after Fliip gets the Time Tunnel working so we could make the show. Enjoy your Food and Water Now. sexpotcomedy.com johntole.com/blog use the Amazon Link if you would like to help the show, cartpathdiem.com whiskeyandthesurfer.com



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