The Battle for Space – Whiskey and The Surfer MS180


Here we go again with another installment of WIDE AWAKE WEDNESDAY where we refuse to play any STRAIGHT EDGE bands today DJ Phantom WOWS us with a TRIPLE SHOT of D.I., we jam out to GBH, we are Welcomed to New Jersey by the XCOPS and The Maggots and Tears fall like rain as we tackle programs to limit FREE Speech at the University and YOUTUBE LEVEL. Willl there be a moonbase and will the Illuminati run it? OF COURSE YOU IDIOTS BUT IF YOU WANNA GET IT WET AT THE GLOBALIST MOON LEVEL you better find a group of Neredowells to Study with and work on your Demonic Skills. We talk about the BIOSPHERE and ACID REIGN but thats only because we are raging with NUCLEAR ASSAULT and ANTHRAX tells us its time for our Meds. T minus less than a week til we are collectively sick of the sickness that is the incurable ills that are plaguing this nation. Do we need to drain the swamp? Only LIZARD PEOPLE WOULD SELL YOU THAT NARRATIVE. Why aren’t we studying the CEPHALOPODS as the incarnation of how we evolve as a species or has that been the Moon Base Alien plan this WHOLE TIME. Come find us online at and use the link for the AMAZON it helps the show and proceeds go to keeping This MILLIENIUM RIFF FALCON its in Finest Blast Shields.

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