First time recording live from the Sexpotcomedy.com Studios from Denver, we are celebrating Halloween, avoiding all Candy at this point, Freddy Kreuger shoots up a party and SOD Rages up TOP. DJ Phantom throws in a double shot of IN COLD BLOOD, speaking of COLD BLOOD, it is all YOU WILL BLEED when KIX Rages and we grab the boob of a girl at Sheetz while we fist double burrito tallboys in the name of Anthony Weiner becoming the Phallic in the Zeitgeist of paying attention as we uncover a BLOOD RELATED CLINTON CONSPIRACY, tainting blood across the world as these monsters seek to limit the population and control through Pandemics, Famine, War, Pestilence, more lyrics? MAYBE Are Rogue FBI agents really dropping resignation letters churning up a new investigation or is HRC running down the clock, seems like a total screw job, Cubs Win, Clinton Wins, Same Blue or does Cleveland become the TITLE TOWN WITH THE CAVS, THE TRIBE and THE TRUMP for a triple dipper win of excitement, well thats enough to remind you that Dangerous Toys said I LIKE BEING SCARED and both Anthrax and Death Angel dress up this HALLOWEEN AS KISS with COLD GIN and PARASITE. johntole.com/blog use the Amazon Link to help the show, sexpotcomedy.com to find the show streaming live through SEXPOT Radio, check out Denver Relief and the fine sponsors over at the site, both Cartpathdiem.com and whiskeyandthesurfer.com are treasure troves of Goodness. Don’t eat too much candy and remember to pray The Rosary, our time to be called into the game is fast approaching, LETS GET LOOSE.


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