The Lockuments


Anthony Weiner back in the news, triggering the Comey Reset, is there a bombshell off in the distance and always right on time as now 4 plane incidents, mechanical breakdowns, Fedex plane on fire, fire in Florida, cue W reading to Children, back to Weiner tied to NY back to a near miss over Syria between Rocky and Drago. Two things will happen, this rise in Nationalism in the face of the global erosion of the freedom of speech puts us in a fascination as a soon to be a physically monitored existence controlled by resources. Or a war will make that happen faster. There are people working on our behalf, have Faith.

That being said,

95% of the worlds grain crop can be destroyed in an hour. This is a mass culling because the dark forces at work have more to gain in this celestial JV / Varsity Battle for the pride of Earth.

Or for the sake of the planet as humans devolve the only humain gesture left would be to accept a physical stasis as you are virtually able to live the life you could enter at based on your wealth and intellect.

Find God on all your Horizons, grab a salad and work on your cardio.

Pray The Divine Mercy.





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