Pool noodles and the apocalypse

Last night I participated in a comedy competition in Fort Worth at a small bar that was full of people drinking and laughing on a Sunday , everyone did well and I was fortunate enough to put together a solid 5 of new and old to get the win.

I’m not really big on competitions as far as comedy goes but it’s a necessary part of this life so I might as well enjoy the process and considering when I started in 2003 the open mic spots I was getting were after 1amand normally performing to other open micers and mostly chairs. After a while you learn to love the chairs.

I have a new hobby where I see change and embrace the new whatever. Relationships, work, radio, music, my health, my art it’s all in a constant state of flux. It’s easy to see now how before I was resistant to change and how life would manifest itself into problems and drama because I was fighting what was every step of the way.

Acceptance is at the foundation of our beings and with faith it’s nice to sit back and watch life fall into place and the coincidences and simple miracles blink into place.

The ultimate task is being still enough to watch life being created while maintaining an inner vigilance to continue to embrace the decisions with enthusiasm that vibrate at the highest levels.

This only works if I can maintain my suspension of judgement.

And that’s where we are today, fully accepting, no longer judging and constantly giving attention to the people I’m fortunate enough to encounter along the way.

Today my “punk ethic” was questioned and the term hippie was thrown my way. I’ll gladly take all of it. Sometimes it’s nice to know there’s more out there paying attention than just the chairs.

Acceptance and attention … The end

With these two principles at your foundation you can conquer this “world”. You can surpass any limitation and co create your reality.

At that point you just have to sit back and enjoy the odd moments, the inside jokes, the belly Laughs that come with living in the middle of a big inside joke.

sometimes it’s a duel with pool noodles inside a walmart that gets thwarted because your mind was read by someone who has known you for 1000s of years.

Sometimes it’s a late night exorcism and dispatching rabbit sized demons ,( when my book comes out you’ll get this story in it’s entirety.)

Sometimes it’s just a blank white board that says reality at the top of it and what’s left are your dreams and intentions.

Sometimes it’s chairs with the potential for audience , but that doesn’t change the attention or the delivery.

Time to bring the A game to the A game.

Love , attention and acceptance, as it’s always been regardless of whether or not I wanted to fully believe or participate , I’ve spent a lifetime limiting my output and held back by my judgmental definitions and resistance and sometimes you have to believe not only are the chairs not empty and being patiently held for guests who have always been there but waiting for my full attention.

Boner jams 5000

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