GG investments Inc

I’m pretty sure I witnessed a drug deal today or two CIA operatives trading identical Nike bags that were stored under a bus that goes back and forth from RVA to NYC.

That’s normal right…. A bus pulls up, the driver gets out , unlocks a compartment , a guy walks up they trade bags and the dude leaves and the guy goes back to being a bus driver.

That’s a pretty sweet gig, I’ve always wanted to get into international crime or pull some capers or hijinx, but I was raised in the suburbs with the fear of hell and prison rape as a deterrent from being a bad ass and now I smuggle punch lines inside of rape jokes and deliver them to drunks and for a second make them feel better or I’m delusional and the stage is really my living therapy.

I’m on a six hour bus ride to NYC and it just started, I want to sleep but I also don’t want to get stabbed in the neck by a stranger but then again maybe I do, stranger things have happened.

Two shows in two days in Richmond and I had a blast, got to meet some new folks and party with old friends. We did a show at what used to be the old Twisters, which pitboss 2000 played there in either 98 or 99, mornings changed 13 years later I’m still a 13 year old saying offensive things in the name of underpaid underattended entertainment.

The show was video taped so there is evidence of me ruining the life of another cunty woman who wanted the show to be about her and I gave her what she wanted but also opened her brain up for the crowd to look inside and laugh. I also told the calling Dwight Goodens father the N word story which they were amusingly horrified by and I had to remind them that if they didn’t want to hear racist thoughts they should’ve tried harder to win the civil war…. So that happened.

20 shots of vodka later I’m hurling clear liquid on my new GG vest and ringworm t shirt and being the belligerent philosopher I’ve always wanted to be.

Life is amazing, I’m head over heels for Carey and full on love sick in a gay as fuck way but I’m cool with it. It’s nice to miss someone , it’s very raw but it also keeps my head and heart open to experiencing everything this shit pile has to offer and I’m beyond stoked we get to do spots together in Columbus, I just have to stay alive long enough to make it.

Today’s a drinking off day, I normally say that on days where I end up shitfaced but I’m on the road and I have no responsibilities other than writing and performing and riding busses and witnessing drug deals.

I’m going to listen to the new Powertrip songs and you should too.

As far as bands go they are right along with Municipal Waste and Overkill on the awesome scale and it’s fucking great to know that level of band is in my backyard, go see them with AF at trees in sept you’ll be stoked you did.


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