Not guilty of living

Well the world, or atleast the stay at home parents and chronically unemployed sat in rapt attention watching the Casey Anthony verdicts come down today.

What I wanted to see was the camera tight on Nancy Grace’s brutal mug as she scrambled and screamed at producers that their blood soaked hands were not going to be able to wring in vengeance that they had to run for plan B which was the hand wringing for baby Caylee.

Casey Anthony may or may not have killed her daughter but she and the media were complicit in creating a circus of attention to keep the world distracted on her while it falls apart around us.

This country celebrated a birthday yesterday and the rednecks and patriotic losers who find their egos bolstered by the flag waving and false pride are quick to care about this media circus while our country is 27th in worldwide education, leading in childhood obesity, failing school systems, crumbling infrastructure, two losing wars on terror, a lost war on drugs and a nation who votes more for singing and dancing contests than on actual elections.

It’s the same distraction brought on by Anthony Weiner sending dick pics, it’s the same distraction brought on by social networking and the international one sided conversation happening on twitter.

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My jokes from today:

One thing we learned about the OJ and Casey Anthony trials … Women are shitty lawyers.

The one difference between the OJ and Casey Anthony trial… I don’t hate hot white chicks.

Am I the only one trying to cum at the same time as the verdict?

How long until Casey Anthony is convicted for stealing back her memorabilia ? ( written 21 mins before one of Letterman’s writers tweeter the same joke)

Basically the lesson here… Turn off your tv, your computer, your phone, do it now, go outside an live your life, get active get moving and create a life worth living, no one is going to lie on their death bed and wish there was more court tv to watch, more opinions from that Louie Anderson clone Nancy Grace or that Darth Vader helmeted weirdo Jane Velez Mitchell while they blather on killing your brain cells while they talk about people in cells while they keep the brain of America captive.

Those two bitches and Dr. Drew actually had the nerve to condemn Casey Anthony for possibly profiting from this case………

Are you fucking kidding me…

Apparently as far as people profiting from this case they hate the competition.

RIP Caylee and RIP the collective intelligence and conscience of the part of America trained like monkeys to pick up this shit being shoveled to them.

“Go outside and play”

All of our parents

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