Major appliance minor disturbance

Nothing says Fourth of July weekend like being surrounded by crying children and angry people in a laundramat excuse me lavanderia.

Nothing says celebrating this great nation like abject poverty, high crime, $4 gas, no healthcare, 2 wars, 27th in education the nations attention on a chick with big tits making a mockery and spectacle out of the chance at life she was given and the Mexican tv has their version because entertaining the crying children in the play area with broken toys, are more broken toys in bikinis shaking their asses in front of American flags at a Mexican beach resort.

I can’t imagine thinking of the effort and hard luck stories the people here could tell about coyotes, death and violence so they could come to this country and be collected into poor areas and then entertained by girls in USA bikinis dancing back home in Mexico.

Maybe the key to happiness is abs. The girls on the tv appear to having the time of their lives, they are unaware they are helping mold young minds of ignored children forced to spend a Saturday alone while their parents yell at people on their cell phones only to stop and tell the kids to stop crying.

My wardrobe has moved from xxxl to xl and I was concerned I had no clothes but thank you to icon screen printing and sullysbrand hooking me up big time I’m now able to revamp my look which in my 40 years has not changed.

20 t shirts , 20 undershirts, 20 pair of underwear , 10 socks and 3 pairs of shorts.

Keep it simple , that’s the key to life.

I had to break to politely decline a washer to washer salesman selling jewelry and bootleg Perfume kits and while I appreciated his thought I might have a significant other to want to buy perfume for and that the kind of women who would be interested in me due to my present location and state of public laundering might be interested in his booty ass cologne but his technique and English was lacking and he just politely lifted the items into my view like the juggling chiclet kids on the bridge that smells like piss on the way to tj who I always buy from because that’s because I enjoy a good show.

Sure as a traveling comedian white guy who gets to see the world and explore his mind, creation and experience all that life has to give while I entertain has to spend some time in sketchy neighborhoods next to combo pizza hut/cell phone/ laundromats. But that just keeps me grounded while I finish typing this at my Starbucks home office and I can tell you I’m light years from my married life where I was living in a four bedroom house with my own washer and dryer and I still had to do my laundry and without a doubt I was still yelling into my cellphone and watching sluts shake their ass on telemundo.

And thats why I dont have kids, I’m a horrible immature role model.

And sex isn’t really an option at this point.

More on that later.

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