No Miserable Men Here

It’s after midnite, I’ve had one hour of sleep in the past 39 hours and I’m starting to feel it.

Maybe it’s the soundtrack of our ride home where Lenny from Long Island has Shuli and I rocking out to Fleetwood Mac and select tracks from Disney’s Fantasia or perhaps its his shrine to gargoyles glued to his dash and the drugs but I’m half expecting Rick Moranis to appear and ask if I’m the gate keeper.

After some consideration you gotta give it up to Lindsey Buckingham for fucking Stevie bad enough to rule on these jams.

Read that paragraph again I went to college.

I was thinking back to my school days and my various cheating schemes that allowed me to graduate from high school and college, but that’s what happens when you fail to identify evil genius and force him to learn about things that don’t matter.

But every semester was the new beginning, I had a new folder, pens, alien shaped erasers and the promise I was not going to let it happen again.

It’s almost a mirror to relationships, always the greatest of intentions but after a month my folder is covered with graffiti and metal band logos because that’s metal 101 and from memory I can crank out perfect maiden, priest, slayer and anthrax lettering. My folder is shot because I lost interest and stopped showing up mentally and somehow failed to learn the one formula that all math us based on and I will forever have to do long division by hand using that symbol thats shaped like a stick figures machine gun and you try to get back on track you do extra credit and kiss extra ass and when all else fails …. Cheat.

Stevie was cheated on like my failed education which was replaced with metal knowledge so I understand why Lenny has a gargoyle shrine on his dashboard because that’s what defines him at a deeper level the same reason I carry around rosary beads, prayer coins and a warzone button Raybeez gave me (RIP).

It’s what powers our aura and as the traffic moves forward one of Lennys Christmas ornaments swings and hits my face, and that makes sense , I’m in a car coming home from a small comedy show where we did well despite the situation , Fleetwood Mac is jamming and we are all next level and life is exactly where it needs to be. No stress, no worries and every day really is Christmas and at my foundation of reality is acceptance and the reminder, ” don’t forget the struggle, don’t forget the streets.” “where’s the harmony?”

Everywhere man everywhere.

Gargoyles as far as statues go are on the same level of Samurai sword awesome, which reminds me I’ll rock out with some Maiden Japan later.

Up the Irons.

Ronnie’s Block Party tomorrow and Jay Thomas on Howard 101 at 7am EST.

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