Wolves yo!

Yesterday started at 8am I woke up in Candy Kitchen, NM population like 39 or something smallish. The night prior I had spent three hours with a wise man discussing the universe, philosophy, purpose, acceptance and how all religions tell the same story.

Jump back three days earlier I was driving from norcal to LA to host the Sal and Richard show at the Avalon. On my way down I got some texts from a friend who had met this same man and said that the experience was so deep he couldn’t put it into words. That’s all I needed to hear and drove Monday night and all day Tuesday to get from Cali to New Mexico.

One of the best parts of being an experience junkie is finding myself in odd situations and in this case after the meeting with the wise man I was standing outside a cabin that was given to me for free and listening to the coyotes out howl the wolves from the near by wolf sanctuary. The stars were thick and very bright and with zero light pollution I knew I was home.


Unexpected yet not at all surprising given the last three months of my life where the universe works non stop to Create this playground.

So at 8am I was back in the car to chew up some more miles and 13 hours and 1457 calories later I pulled into mockingbird station in dallas for the open mic.

Nothing changes and it was great to see the comics trade insults and watch the audience walk after 4 guys ate shit sandwiches. I have six weeks of backlogged material to grind through plus whatever I write this weekend but that wolf sanctuary is calling to me louder than another week of standing around listening to people bitch about not getting booked, not being respected, and not improving. My new stuff worked better than I thought and I can’t wait to do it tonight at the show with Shuli, Bocchetti and Maddog.

I left the open mic and pulled an all nighter doing eBay and my web store and answering emails and reconnecting with the world and now I’m waiting on the next call, the call being row 21 where I’ll be jammed into an exit row on my way to NY.


I’ll send details from Ronnie’s Block Party and to quote Yucko The Clown’s text from earlier today, ” three hours in a car with Scott and Ronnie, he’d rather carpool with Ryan Dunn.”

Not bad considering it was topical and free of the “N” word.

My love handles are jammed into this seat and we have a layover in Houston I’ve been awake for 24 hours through two big ass states, six minutes of dick jokes And enough beef jerky to ensure my shit now comes out like star shaped play dough but for real though.

Wolves man! Fucking wolves!!!!

Talk to you later this bitch ————-> keeps reading my screen.

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