Arizona 6/21/11

Monday night at Hennessey’s in Laguna Beach it felt like home again. The crowd was energetic and it was great to share the “fountain” with Dallas Favorite’s Justin Foster and Raj Sharma. Last nights gig didn’t have a stage however there was a one foot fountain we were able to perform from. It’s just a continuing string of odd events that have been following me since I took off from Dallas in March.

To borrow the reverse of Gary’s line my career is at a two but my life is at a “noine”. I woke this morning after crashing in the sweltering desert heat of Lake Havasu, nothing like your maintenance light coming on at 1am in the middle of nowhere and it would be even easier to freak out over the possibility of disaster but I’d much rather enjoy the break and free coffee at the dealership. This is my fifth oil change this year and today I can add Arizona to Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and California to my dealership list. The folks always tell me it must be exciting to travel the country and see everything and get away from their customer service desk, endless barrage of Toyota marketing and their eyeball strain wasted on the one unattainable hot chick each dealer employs. I don’t have the heart to tell them that their lives and experiences have been replicated and even though the natural terrain changes the people have started to become as plastic and sterile as the unchanging Starbucks, Ihop, 24 Hour Fitness and every other corporatized entity that sells the same bland experience, but at least here the coffee is free.

Today is all about grinding some miles away to meet a stranger in the desert and discuss all things existence, universe and consciousness.

It’s good to escape the fame trap of LA and my trip to CA was highlighted by my 40th birthday with my family and dancing and putting on shows for my six month old nephew. I know he only laughs as a reaction to energy but thats the lesson to learn in this whole life. He enjoys the socially conscious backseat musicals starring Seth the Elephant, Chauncey the Giraffe and Asian Horse , I probably should video next time.

I turned 40, The Sox are in first, the bruins won the Stanley Cup, I’ve dropped 40 lbs, found the cure to depression, the fountain of youth and got my first Howard Stern mention while on a three month roadie that took me from TX to NY to TX to LA to SF and all points in between and even though Foreigner’s “Urgent” is playing there’s ultimately no emergencies in a universe that doesn’t make mistakes.

I’ve pealed back the curtain on reality and there are times I wish I hadn’t but in a universe that doesn’t make mistakes I need to stay on top of the now and guide as needed. The hot chick at the dealership has added me to her pay no mind list and has gone back to complaining how her man doesn’t pay enough attention to her and that my friends is life at the dealership, where people go because they have to not because they want to but at least the coffee is free and the 80s station is pumping out the hits and the Cars are reminding me I’ve got “just what I needed”. Free coffee, a nice break and the sweet jams from The Outfield.

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