Why Black Suicide Must Cease ASAP

Why Black Suicide needs to cease and why Black Lives Matter.

We discuss the hypocrite Left who built walls, armed their people and now find allies in W and John Bolton.

We discuss the Neocons and Progressives who are laying down arm in arm to give your Sovereignty away to a foreign power.

They get the money, you get the boot on your neck.

The Communists, DSA, DNC Plantation Owners are stealing from Black Lives Matter. The theft is disgusting.

They learned nothing through their loathing.

They loathed Reagan and lost the re-election.
They loathed W and lost the re-election.
They loathed Trump and will lose the re-election.

The loathing, the calling everything dumb, the inability to rhyme or find something funny about the color orange, has lead them hook, line and sinker into an 8 to 12 year Trump run.

Trump will never give the Go Order.
It’s time to arm yourself.
Speak up for yourself.
Grab a camera, make trustworthy content.
Protect your friends and neighbors from thugs and commies who need you dead to feed into their Politically run media machine to profit and re-invest into the killing of more people they disagree with.

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