Remember there are two America’s.

Antifa and their paid rioters are facing bigger jail terms than previously imagined. The left and their media creators are doing their damndest to push for Gun Owners to be labeled extremists because they realize how bad they are failing and they need to create a fear center. Using your rights legally is their weapon against you. Ignore the mob. Prepare for War.
Remember there are two America’s.
One has Faith, Hope, Positivity and all the Guns.

The other has vengeance, violence, destroying and negativity and also some guns.

The better your life is. The better everyone’s life is and this absurdity we are witnessing will no longer be sustainable.

The communists want you dead. Buy Guns and Ammo YESTERDAY. Food Supplies on hand. There is nothing wrong with being prepared. Gas. Generators.

There may need to be a 7 to 10 day period with zero cell networks, zero internet and no electricity.

Prepare for that very scenario.
Iodine and Hydrogen Peroxide is now more available.

Enjoy these great times now and choose the life of gratitude that this was slowly brought here and just not dropped in our laps.

The more this insurgency and their tentacles are revealed, the more dire and desperate their tactics will be.

Watch the videos.
Read their versions of what you just watched.
They give away the program.
It’s failing and the legacy media is toast.
Pick up a Camera, smile and dial and set your Simulation to 11.
Wave and smile to all your neighbors!

God Wins

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