Friday Movie Hatred



It’s Friday and we are celebrating Steve Simeone’s Number 1 iTunes Album, “What’s Up Nerds”. We are talking about stealing a Pastor’s Nudes and the lawsuit that follows, we trash 3 movies about Demons, bad jobs and the lack of entertainment that is the Trash Heap of this city. Set List last night was awesome and I apologize to the dead crew of The Boyager, Dwight Goodens’ father and The company who owns and maintains the Saddaminator discussed yesterday and on stage. DJ Phantom wows us with SAMMY HAGAR, WILL TO LIVE, NIGHT RANGER, RETALIATE, seriously you would think that is enough, then I busted a hard riff on Student Loan Debt with KENNY LOGGINS and showed these nerds how my LOG IS THE REAL DANGERZONE, excuse me while I log in to log out, we prepare for Trump’s Coming Armband workout, forcing Children to build their own schools after they use Common Core and Disney to dismantle all creative thinking. Lets put the Doc McStuffins into InDOCtrination. The Show rages on with DEATH THREAT, VAN HALEN and The Almighty SKARHEAD gives you the weekend playbook and how to rage inside of the Simulation. See ya Monday. USE THE AMAZON LINK
you can GET Steve Simeone’s album “WHAT’S UP NERDS” on iTunes at


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