Researching For The Light



  1. Nothing like a screwed up schedule to ruin what wouldve been a super sweet show which ended up still being sweet, weird, metal as F, thrashworthy expose of Psyops, weird news, weird Food. Why are we talking about new Artificial Food Tech, Cow Farts and the resurfacing of Anthony Weiner from Rehab, Huma’s make up and email tips and also how fast PIZZAGATE will lead to internet controls. The trap has been laid. Hard mosh from WARBRINGER, MUNICIPAL WASTE, The Almighty MADBALL, SPACEWAX, fresh off of their unfunny Austin comedian backed outrage fest, BLACK PUSSY shows up and sings about weed. This is Trump’s America if you wanna send alpha mail to the show GET ON THE CHRISTMAS CARD LIST TODAY, See ya at 24 Hour Fitness, this summer is gonna be Arm Band Season, do you have The Biceps to pull it off?

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