ENJOY TODAY WHILE ITS LEGAL – Whiskey and The Surfer MS183


We sit back and cherish one last day with the idea of either candidate or a catastrophe of Biblical or EMP proportions, Perhaps something to pin more blame as we prop up the Russians as our next undeclared enemy, Nothing to See Here, Keep the Mimosa’s flowing Momma’s Got an air quote historic inauguration speech one of these eggheads wrote and I gotta make it doesnt offend any donors or enemies. Wikileaks proves to just be another media outlet as the only business that has any growith in what is about to be a powderkeg is opinion and this whole thing is Rigged, PC, SJW, Activist Nerd culture who have never cracked a single Public Enemy record, anyways for our last day of FREEDOM, QUEENSRYCHE OF COURSE, Tom Petty, Gang Green, Insted and a couple surprises, I review my neighborhood based on how many race cars with infowars stickers it has and that being said, enjoy your Monday while its your elect which gave you such priveledge. Cue the Maiden.

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