The Lockuments 11/5/16


The Lockuments are in and dry from being carefully curated by our crack staff deep inside of LV’s gnarliest and grimiest gambling proving ground. You want to change your life, take a risk and get out there and live the dream immediately. You are figuratively just 100 decisions away from selling Real Estate Tips on the deck of your own yacht named after your Cock’s Nickname.

THE SS CUM Aboard.


Anyways cutting together a best of for a Future Travel Day and making some interesting fun decisions inside of the reality of as far as the show goes we are always tweaking.

Here are the places you can find the show in order of how I typed them.

When we go live, the show is sent to our Channel at


Once the Live Broadcast is done that file is sent to





Then the Podcast Goes to this Site, The Blog over at




and if you would like to help the show please shop through our AMAZON Portal, it works the same as ever and it helps me get these broadcasts into more ears.




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