Internet RIP, HXC LIVES – Whiskey and The Surfer – MS172


First of all you get Trump just throwing Digital Haymakers the night before the United States Government Orchestrated a False Flag Internet Outage to get the populace murmuring about the Russian Threat as the Cold War gets Colder and the Citizenry finds itself just shaking its head and switching to another website when they one they shut down isnt working. That being said Hi JOHN TOLE FOR 2 BRAND NEW PLACES THE SHOW LIVES!!! Come on down and find the Top Denver Shows, Info, Podcast and the ALL NEW AND CODED the show is also found at and if you want to wait 35 seconds for a page to load head on over to anyways DJ Phantom wows us with a Triple Shot of Agnostic Front, plus WARZONE, MADBALL, DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR, JUDAS PRIEST, we dump RATT and go round and round with Sex Robots, Dissolving bodies in Acid, the rise of the demon infested Media and Political Class and their blood sport of relevance as the populace thumbs down their very freedoms inside of the Roman Coliseum of Ideas as we centralize power away from the individiual and we pick our FEMA Camp based on Shirts and SKINS, Speaking of how about some WARZONE, some weird metal band I already forgot about, Dragon something and we all LOVE some GOOD METALLICA and BIOHAZARD because when you’re dropping digital joke haymakers in HRC, YOU BEST WAAAAAATCH YOUR BACK. PMURTNIKCUFECIN

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