Episode 172 -Alien Disclosure is Coming


textgram_1476867973We learn that going against DJ Phantom in a game of inner resistance ultimately leads to the perfect ending of Faith inside of this Holographic Simulation. Comedy Audio from Oklahoma City, Donna Brazille just lying and ball washing CNN, DJ Phantom swings and misses with Slipknot and some other garbage but then we get some OUTFIELD, SUICIDIAL TENDENCIES, Old School Scorpions, then the show takes a weird turn after I screw around with the algorithm who goes back to back DAG NASTY into THE DEAD BOYS, we talk Satan After School clubs coming to Twelve Cities as the Apocalypse warms us preparing us for Disclosure as the end of the coming nuclear skirmish to get the populace back under control. johntole.com/blog use the Amazon link on my blog after you wait 15 seconds for it to load or get the show at sexpotcomedy.com or on iHeart, iTunes, Stitcher RATE, REVIEW, LOVE, SHARE, MOSH



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