Demon Hunting Reality


It is 2 in the MFN AM which means the simulation has me set for late night riffs. Whiskey and Surfer are crushing it today we talk para- athletes, Obama’s third term, his future replacement. JLJ sits down and adds spice to DJ Phantom who responds with debuts from Dag Nasty, Iron Reagan, Municipal Waste, Cruel Hand, Trapped Under Ice and then JLJ brags about how good the algorithm is killing it and DJ Phantom turns heel and gets stiff with some Night Ranger, Reo Speedwagon and yet another Rocky Training Montage. Either way we gotta catch this chicken cause I gotta get him back to the guy I rented it from, now get to work we have headbanded sprints to run and embrace under the Santa Monica Pier. We talk tattoo make over shows, being the Greg Gumble of the family, the power of real sports, falling asleep during a series finale and having to get bailed out ideawise by the old man. Jesus crushes demons, Ray Caruth’s kid is inspiring and we just ask that you lead every situation on the edges of the digital reality we call the 1s and 0s of NOW.

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