Deadhorse – Whiskey and The Surfer


Tuesday Raging in the Simulation. We drive from Houston to Columbus, get a last minute show in Cinci, interact with Candlebox and an IRA Nurse, we talk about the power of being a great host but not at the beheading gift level. We get into Iron Maiden’s, Sword Day at the Ballpark, Wes is officially single, JLJ screws up an Eddie Money talk up and DJ Phantom throws a complete game shut out with some 2 for Tuezday Motley Crue, Metallica, Twisted Sister and Asia. We figure out a priestly costume beyond the 90210 level, we are shot out of a cannon, 43 days into a miracle and being far beyond driven. Jud Jud Jud Jud Jud Jud

Cart Path Only

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