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Hillary’s Russian SOS

The scum has risen to the top of the bottom of the Fake News and now they must cover the Russian Disinfo Op that HRC Launched with Johnnie Brennan and that scummer James Comey. RUSH, Third Reich from Mexico, a double shot of Sepultura and NOFX, plus some Sheena Easton, Christine McVie, and some more surprises!

Civil War SAME MEDIA Iraq War


  1. Vote in Person on Election Day

2. Your COVID Mask doesn’t stop Smoke Particles which is a larger particle than COVID.

3. The Same Media who sold us the Iraq War is selling this Communist Insurrection and fomenting Civil War.

4. Critical Race Theory is Trash

5. 2+2=4

God is Real

America First

Order will always beat disorder

Love always beats Hate

Tomorrow is Promised to No One.