Zuckerberg’s Chinese Drone Bait



BROH, we are moshing along with the impending end of the First Amendment, The Electoral College, Snopes, Facebook as Fox News and Their Truth Weilding Team of Perfect Haired Models cross their hot gams and tell you the things you already believe. DJ Phantom throws a couple old Timey Jams including Patti something, The NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND leads into stories going into two directions. 1 Police dog feasts on a homeless guy while some PA weirdo feasts on Dog Dong in a video taped exploit only to be Narced out by her Sister in Law. Emails hacked and any bloating or weight gain is not Christmas’ Fault, its The Russians. We are MOSHING with MOTLEY CRUE, EARTH CRISIS, ONE LIFE CREW, NO JUSTICE, The Almighty FLOORPUNCH, TERRORIZER, a Death Metal Band I already forgot the name of. A semi non spoiled ROGUE ONE Review and 3 MOVIES FROM FANDANGO.COM proving how much HOLLYWOOD hates you and wants all your money as the town figures out how to make Heart Warming Propaganda stories of love as The Right Wing invades the Liberal Writer’s will her Period be covered under Trump’s Obamacare in a special Episode of BLOSSOM. NONE OF THIS IS REAL.


The tree is up in Denver and we are celebrating the new Trump reality show, “Cold Justice”. MOSH? Cmon, what are you new? Brand New BLOODCLOT, somehow Megadeth sneaks in, some weirdo pop song that annoyed me at a super high level, but then all of a sudden, DJ Phantom throws bombs with ELVIS HITLER, CROMAGS, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, Live AGNOSTIC FRONT and HUEY LEWIS defends his honor against the music director from Ghostbuster’s 3. Did I mention none of this is real and disclosure is on the way? Runaway Parade Floats, faking your own death, Podesta Spirit Cooks on a Spirit Airlines flight and the result is a Cauldron of Snakes so evil, a Virgin Airlines Sacrifice will be made to cover up the FAKE NEWS Death of someone faking their own death, Live from Argentina its “Let’s Not Let This Get To Cannibalism”.





1 2 1 2 3 4 , We are off and running like a JOURNEY Cover song, shot out of a Cannon coming to you from the Oregon Coast where we are raging on Legal Weed, Anti Starbucks Sentiment and half my hotel are here for Dysentary related funerals. We discuss living in The Post Truth America as the Culture moves from Truth to Data and the implications of using Crowd Emotion Sourcing to Determine what is real for the majority. FACTS no longer MATTER as The Digital Algorithm Worms employed by Youtube and Hollywood make sure you are focused on the Satanic Hollywood Parade that is The Scientology Float where Tom Cruise jumps on a Giant Couch on Lease from Gallagher’s Cousin.

DJ Phantom shows up and says we are doing FACE TO FACE, GUTTERMOUTH, MANIAC and JUDICIARY, a couple odd surprises, 1 weird song I forgot the name of PLUS! AU REVOIR SIMONE? Is that a band? Anyways plus and way more important, SEPULTURA, THE ALMIGHTY COLD AS LIFE, HARMS WAY, and THE HELLACOPTERS. Pentagrams invade a park as The Satanists demand Equal Christmas, Facebook and their left leaning antics are somehow coopted by The Ultra Right Wing in Germany as they demand Sanctions for Hate Speech as some Dutch Politician takes it in the pants because a Crowd wants less neredowells invading their Red Light District.

Thanks to The Sour Koolaid Show on Twitch, Motel 6 and apologies to The YMCA, The Indian from The Village People, Fonzi’s Waterproof Leather and Vanna White’s Cankle Issues. See ya Monday! Medford Oregon Friday and Saturday, Back in the friendly confines of our home studio 17 levels below The Denver Airport, Whiskey and The Surfer return to COLORADO! U R MOSHN or you you’re not because A. You Don’t Thrash and B. See A.

Hellacopter Dong Amputation

It is Wednesday or that’s what those purveyors of FAKE NEWS want you to believe. This is Trump’s America every door opens when its attached to a World Leader. We talk about how to get into The Golden Elevator, we invade a Seminar on Whiteness and score with chicks who later have to sell their hair to eat. This is TRUMP’s AMERICA, these Haircasters better get in line or they’ll be slanging lies on a chinese knockoff of Vine.  A guy gets left at the Altar and another alters his unit because his wife A. Hasn’t smiled in 10 years and B. A is probably enough. She’s not much to look like and their Third World House looks like they’re banging on the Set of a CaddyShack related Set at a poorly planned Haunt. Probably a better riff for October. Some airline makes flying worse again, The FOO FIGHTERS are not on this show BUT we rage with HOODS, IRON MAIDEN, every show? why not? INTERNAL AFFAIRS, TAKE OFFENSE, CIRCLE JERKS, SUICIDAL, DI, a TRIPLE SHOT OF SOD, some old timey shit I forgot the name of, plus you know, THE ALMIGHTY AGNOSTIC FRONT and we continue to rage in THE TWILIGHT ZONE with GOLDEN EARING.  I can’t wait to see the video of TRUMP Mocking MCCAIN. Anyone see an issue with a move to change the 7 year General in Government Rule to a lesser time? Apologies to SNOW, the tram operator who got loud during The Jaws part of Universal, Black Licorice and all byproducts and remember None of This is Real.


Antarctic Illuminati Cloning

When we started this show this year the goal was 200 episodes and here we are celebrating the release. Drunk Pets, learning new vocabulary, what is happening in Antarctica, we watch Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle live at The Comedy Store. We invade the local hot tub only to be stared at by these neredowell Apartment types and their ability to be nosy and cleanly at the same time. OH YOU WANT MUSIC. First of all DJ Phantom shows up with some LIVE IRON MAIDEN, first record ENTOMBED, new NAILS, somehow those 3 songs opened up a riff portal and MADONNA makes her show debut, beyond that we gain control of The Temple of Doom Ore Cart and drop JUDAS PRIEST, Prepare some dry panties when we say FISHBONE makes a debut, MADNESS has us concerned about the Future of Good Taste and we round out the effort with The Lords of Clevo, RINGWORM.  its Episode 200, see ya Wednesday.


Friday Movie Hatred





It’s Friday and we are celebrating Steve Simeone’s Number 1 iTunes Album, “What’s Up Nerds”. We are talking about stealing a Pastor’s Nudes and the lawsuit that follows, we trash 3 movies about Demons, bad jobs and the lack of entertainment that is the Trash Heap of this city. Set List last night was awesome and I apologize to the dead crew of The Boyager, Dwight Goodens’ father and The company who owns and maintains the Saddaminator discussed yesterday and on stage. DJ Phantom wows us with SAMMY HAGAR, WILL TO LIVE, NIGHT RANGER, RETALIATE, seriously you would think that is enough, then I busted a hard riff on Student Loan Debt with KENNY LOGGINS and showed these nerds how my LOG IS THE REAL DANGERZONE, excuse me while I log in to log out, we prepare for Trump’s Coming Armband workout, forcing Children to build their own schools after they use Common Core and Disney to dismantle all creative thinking. Lets put the Doc McStuffins into InDOCtrination. The Show rages on with DEATH THREAT, VAN HALEN and The Almighty SKARHEAD gives you the weekend playbook and how to rage inside of the Simulation. See ya Monday.
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Researching For The Light



  1. Nothing like a screwed up schedule to ruin what wouldve been a super sweet show which ended up still being sweet, weird, metal as F, thrashworthy expose of Psyops, weird news, weird Food. Why are we talking about new Artificial Food Tech, Cow Farts and the resurfacing of Anthony Weiner from Rehab, Huma’s make up and email tips and also how fast PIZZAGATE will lead to internet controls. The trap has been laid. Hard mosh from WARBRINGER, MUNICIPAL WASTE, The Almighty MADBALL, SPACEWAX, fresh off of their unfunny Austin comedian backed outrage fest, BLACK PUSSY shows up and sings about weed. This is Trump’s America if you wanna send alpha mail to the show whiskeyandthesurfer@yahoo.com GET ON THE CHRISTMAS CARD LIST TODAY, See ya at 24 Hour Fitness, this summer is gonna be Arm Band Season, do you have The Biceps to pull it off?

Allah wanted was Amazon Doormats


Amazon Employee tries to leap to their death only to land on a pile of discarded Allah Doormats after online protests had them removed from the site while the crosses and stars get to stick around.  Donald Trump takes issue with Symbolic Speech, Blood Suckers turn a two person love orgy into a Crime Scene and the Police are bummed they can’t shoot anyone. Australia leads the way with Human Microchipping, ease of access until Hackers and by that I mean dudes with Machetes cut your chip out and use your Hand like a garage door opener to your SOUL. Did I mention MOSH? The DWARVES cover THE RAMONES, MINISTRY makes it show debut, THE KNIFE AND OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN come through the Request Line, DJ Phantom counters with BOLT THROWER, MX MACHINE, SEPULTURA and ANTHRAX. Information on how to join our Alpha Mail Christmas Card Program, Fliip starts a business selling a Macebased Sex Lube to sell to FEMA Camps which causes chaos inside of the Corporate structure which is the NONE OF THIS REAL Simulation of http://www.Whiskeyandthesurfer.com found at http://www.sexpotcomedy.com


What’s Somali with You?

In the year 2065, two AM morning guys make the move to FM using a time portal, a microwave and Direct TV as they warn America of its impending doom from a hidden Bunker in their FEMA Camp 17 levels below the Denver Airport.  The world is heating up like a jock jams rally cry as the OSU Campus is awash in the blood of bad Ref Calls and the Karma from their cheating comes home to roost in the name of FAKE NEWS. Shootings reported to gain eyes downgrading to stabbing as it finds its way into the swisscheese of the minds and hearts of an electorate about to be put through the Recount Ringer as both sides make money selling Democracy and AD time and make sure an agitated, scared populace continues to spend LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW. We talk about Russian Holocaust Denier Figure Skating and why Clint Malarchuk is the Hero in our new Icecapades Terror on Ice as we bring awareness to Global Warming through interpretive Assisted Suicide. DID I mention BONUS SONGS!!!  F Yeah Double Shots from NO WARNING, KING DIAMOND, BIOHAZARD, BAD RELIGION, MERCYFUL FATE, EXCITER, RAZOR and CELTIC FROST. Nick Cannon breaks down the truth of Eugenics via TMZ…Zach Galafinakis prepares us for Hillary’s Presidential Installment and also, NONE OF THIS IS REAL. Have Fun, Stay Absurd, Rate, Review, Share, Love, Lust, and be the ROCKY IV Here of your life and let the strength of Bridget Nielsen take us into a new tomorrow.
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ANARCHY, CHAOS, CANIIBALISM and more mosh this Week!

Please Pass The Propaganda


Whiskey and The Surfer is Alternative Reality Programming. The show is hosted by DJ Phantom, JLJ, Wes Key and Fliip Riivers with contributions from Writer’s Strike Johnny Carson and Mondo and Carnito who do Weather and Traffic on the Sixes.
Using the tattered remnants of the First Amendment and a rigged Time Portal hidden 17 levels below the Denver Airport, 2 AM Morning Guys, Wes Key and Fliip Riivers (Whiskey and The Surfer) rock rage in the year 2065 using science, the occult, weird news, agorithms and the sweet riffs of metal, thrash, hardcore and 80s Pop to save America and Her Freedom and Liberties 1 sick hot ass riff at a time.
It is the day before Thanksgiving and we are calling it a week only to return Monday. The Mainstream Media will let you know that your family dinner is a place for war, division, arguing and strife as the move to dismantle the family unit and replace it with a Safe Space Inner Metropolis Tribalist unit where a Village will raise the same child it sacrifices to Baal to rain down sweet MEMES to keep the huddled masses huddled en masse, blindfolded by the Flag which once stood for freedom, now handpainted like a Going Out of Business Sale that is the Waterbeds and Stuff Store Model this country is fast becoming.
Arm yourself with a Shiv, a Bible, The Koran, a DAPL Job Application, grandma’s recipes, a copy of Mein Kampf to keep Uncle Carmine busy, Ayn Rand for the kids table, plus Crayons and Glitter for the Bernie Bros losing their kids college funds on, “NO kids for us Bro!, The Future is Important.”
None of this is Real
We Live in a Computer and only the SICK ASS MOSH FROM DJ PHANTOM as she drops and goes HARD with The Godfather’s AGNOSTIC FRONT and the Almighty SICK OF IT ALL, she drops in some WEEKEND NACHOS, BENCHPRESS, EMPIRE OF RATS and GOD FORBID covers MERAUDER like a BOSS, plus some Y&T because we gotta throw the Bay Area some love as we chew on edibles and search The Tri-Valley for sweet Yams, Hard Mosh and an open Starbucks.