Enjoy Your Cheesecake. This is real Leadership for ALL.


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BREAKING: My heartfelt apologies if there is too much or too little screentime up top for that extra editorial.

The sun is up like it always is.
The Flag is up like it always is.
Your Human and American Rights are here 100% unless you choose to give them away.

Which you can freely choose to.

The Rest of us Patriots are Thankful to be here enjoying our Liberty and will not allow is to be ripped from us by Communists, fruitcakes, and people with sub 85 IQs.

We are in the waning days of this insurgency, more than likely it will descend to acid and gas attacks and pray the military gets control instead of the public.

Peaceful Civil Disobedience is the only way to change and create a better system.

The destroyers need you disarmed and dead.
Not in that order.

New Iron Brigade will be up in roughly a half-hour.
We are going to be talking about Leadership.

and The Most Basic Psyop ever run
The optimist creators VS the pessimistic destroyers

Now we have proof, comms, bad actors, death, and a price tag.

The connected criminal cabal will be exposed across every level of this insurgency.

Or you know
Go take a Selfie with your stolen cheesecake.

I’m sure that image won’t be used against everything you believe in.

Which is pessimism, which is destruction, which is the state over God, which is the state over you, which is the state of your Chicom Totalitarian driven Secular Progress which gives you the moral high ground to kill those who disagree with you by any means necessary.

Those of us who see the longer game, know the stakes involved. Vandals are not martyrs and Riots do not create.

Enjoy your cheesecake. The Boomerang is going to blow your mind.

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