The 17th Watch, Staten Island Embarrassment meets Kathy Griffin’s Empty Needle

A quick discussion on the framing of the murder and coming murders in Minneapolis, juxtaposed against the National Guard protecting Christians so they can worship freely without being protested or harassed by the state. Staten Island, AREN’T YOU EMBARRASSED? We talk about the release of The 17th Watch and John Hopkins reviewed Dark Winters docs show that Martial Law is possible and a probable outcome of this Artificial Event. has all the relevant blogs and ordering info plus FB, IGTV, Bitchute and The Palest of Pale Horses over at The True American Frontier known as ROKFIN! Get the Apps on both ROKFIN and SOUNDSTOOTH and coming soon to SOUNDSTOOTH TV is JLJ’s Time Machine.

Venmo $10 to @John-Tole or more or use paypal to if you would like to order THE 17TH WATCH.

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