The Future of The Coup

Lets say that a sitting member of Congress actively worked to overthrow the President. When it came down for the trial they would go after the FISA used, the surveillance tactics used and whether or not the Government followed the rules.

So you would give them a 3-year opportunity to tell everyone that there was no government wrongdoing in regards to FISA.

You would have them say that there was never any political bias.

Texts, Emails and phone calls were ALL Gathered Correctly.

Meanwhile, You would give the court of public opinion a crash course in


702 Abuse

Investigation Predication

Special Counsels

Hearsay Evidence


Speech and Debate Clause

Quid Pro Quo



Working with a Foreign Govt/Agency to spy on a political candidate.

You would let the party of that Congressperson defend every element of Crossfire Hurricane and the Mid Year Exam.

You would let them call blatant errors of both commission and omission, not a concerted conspiracy, but simple mistakes.

They will be facing a well-predicated thorough investigation.

With warrants reviewed with actual facts in evidence.

They don’t think President Trump has open investigations of

The Theft of Foreign Aid Ukraine, China, Russia

Human Trafficking

Drug Trafficking

Organ Farming

Organ Harvesting and Trafficking


Espionage against the USA

Cyber Intrusions

Last night and much like the Bush 41 Funeral there are no better times to watch your enemy beyond the scope of media coverage.

American Achievement – Silence

Race Relations and Economic Improvment – Silence

The Military – Silence

What they put on display was their hatred of this country.

They loved the Bush Cabal 70 year CFR Global Push to Totalitarian Communism under the guise of pushing American Weakness.

They applauded that for 40 years when they owned the Presidency.

Now they lost.

Spoil Sport

No one likes them.

There is no fairness here and the rank and file are becoming aware of how bad the screw job has always been.

The DNC has already sold their Nomination.

They know Bernie has all the Power and a Chance but that is the end of their party and they know it.

They are openly fixing the Iowa Caucus.

The Bernie Bros know it.

They can’t stop it.

CNN will keep shitting on them.

They are getting the same treatment as Trump Supporters, they will get far worse.

The Fix is in

They can’t blame Trump for the DNC Rigging.

They can’t blame Trump for the Mayor Pete Soros APP that didn’t work.

They can’t blame Trump for not being able to count people in a gym.

What is coming is Biblical.

What has been prepared for the Coup Plotters has forced them to expend all their ammo early.

Every gimmick they had planned over 30 years they have had to smash into 3 years.

There is no escape.

They have it all.


The Country is Lost.

The sell-off to China will be completed.

Crime, graft, and Corruption will continue.

Regardless of what is coming


In Fact

A short, Medium and Long Range Weapon

For every hand in your house.

American Liberty depends on it.

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