Mar 8 Um Like Um Omar Says Um Like Stop BOTHERING Her about those People


Stammering, shifting tones to hit different never voters. Bigotry, Lies, Deception, Nicknames and we go find the weirdest news in the History of Fake News. Trump stands strong against Anti-Semitism and Ilhan Omar spends too much time in the Congressional Kitchen playing with the Oven.

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Egg Nog Season at the Good King Soopers
Vegan Oil Climate Change Denier Denier
Your Brain Is Haunted by Your Self
Pancake’s Hacky Sack Bonetique
The Herped Up Shellenium Falcon
The Cult of the French Mime
Wyoming Dynasty and Mowing Varmints
Oval Town’s Wet Pirate Ropes
The Laziest Tea Bag
Landing Alien Ships With My Mind
The Children Ruled Via the Sword
The Cooperstown of Wiffle Legends
Generational Vandals Letting It Fly
Pouches Full of Time Gone Bye
A Bioethical Look at the Apex Hulkster
The Lawrence Witch Hunt
No Narcs on the Astral Plain
Fenway’s Faithful Celebrate the Drive Off
I Know Longer Doubt Reality’s Packaging
The Spotted Tangerine Tangent
Targeting Checks in the Simulation
The Infinite Nature of the Center of Your Ideas
Trump’s Twitter and His AI Overlord
Fat Tony Robbins Is Arming the USA With Confidence
Bday Bit Wrapped With a Bow Flex
Sun Tzu Soon’s Gonzo Ginsu
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