11/15/18 Murder on The Digital Cruise Ship

11/15/18 Murder on The Digital CruiseShip




Whiskey and The Surfer burn down a Sweet Toasty Tasty Thrash Thursday in the Simulation with a Double Shot of KISS, Lich King, Insanity Alert. New Debut from Bad Religion and Ipong. We head down to the River to judge the water again, learn about the True in AI, solving McDonalds Beatdowns using Surveillance inside of the Bacon used in the attack. Eyebrow Piercings, Tom Petty, The Stones and Dr. Know tell us about Hippie Death, PC Nazi Police and Sparing The Good Vegans.


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11/14/18 Acosta’s Warzone and Florida’s Snaked Vote



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DeNiro is throwing SNL Ratings Haymakers around, we celebrate Deacon Gray, Comedy Works, Healings, DMT, Billy Crystal gets left during the LOLPacalypse. Trump Supporter bounced from Disney World. Show Tonight Midnight 24/7 Comedy Radio. Today’s show is bangerfilled from Maiden to Eddie Grant to a Gun Battle at the Craigslist Meetup to fill in Votes. Weaponized Insects, Darpa is on a Mission, we talk Cell Phone Tech, Google gets Canadian Pushback in Toronto, Malaysians, MORE LIKE MAILAYSIANS sending Snakes through the Mail. A waxing gone awry turns into a Civil Rights Violation and we learn Canada has a Constitution too, but ours is better because Jesus. Sayin
Enjoy, What other choice do you have


11/13 Cali Weather Weaponized Hate Campaign



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Whiskey and The Surfer declare themselves to be Pro Rich people saving Rich people things to show everyone how better they are. None of this is real in the Simulation. The Time Machine cranked up to 11 and the year 2065 Spills into the Joke Farm that is ELO, The Cars, Violent Definition, The Gap Band, NKOTB and a Snake Farm has a party and Ringworm is playing! Red Flag Warnings Lead to Confiscation and Blue states ramp up for the 2024 Gun Grab. Plenty of time to get the country where they demand it. Oh you mean The National ID Card where I had to state how many firearms I had, but its cool, its private and only data scientists will see this form. Sex Robot Brothels, a dude wang chungs his ex and her complaint has a Cavernous Echo. The Cali Fires and Energy Weapons. Trump’s France trip and iGen is sent there to fight in a Real Life Hungergames. Winner gets 1/2 of their student loans held back for two years.

11/12/18 Day Off Show A Talent Coordinator with Talent



We talk about a Talent Coordinator with Gasp TALENT. The Confidence to allow humor to be. Craftsmanship and Art. Testament Heavy Day Off Mini Show.

Guy marries a Hologram?

Japan is getting weird with Cross Dimensional Relationships and Moms are still being Moms about it.

11/9/18 Trunks Full of Votes for Old School America


So here we go again. Rigged Voting. Trunks full of votes, votes opened, vetted, turned in late, what a ruse. Imagine creating a scenario that is so poorly put together the point is to get the close to Kavanaugh as possible because they are out for Blood. The memeing of this election worker works with other parts of the Trump Propaganda arm of Entertainment. We are seeing the melting down of people fighting his new Interim 2x 210 Term dude who has been working in the wings as a 1. High Level Employee 2. Working for more than 90 Days. Whammo. Planned all along. Now theyre out of their mind, braving traffic and late trains to protest the calculated firing/resignation of Sessions, you know, the Anti Weed guy MSNBC hated now are suckling at the Teet of a new book tour and more hands to wring and wring out the attention of a flailing younger voter class.

Its time to go back to old School 70s, 80s America like Grandma and Grandpa used to play.


Whiskey and The Spirit of The Surfer





On the Fly, riffs and music based to fit the mood, knowledge and direction of 6 news stories.

Whiskey and The Surfer? OR Whiskey and The Spirit! Broh, Death Threat, DK is too drunk to learn about the Chinese controlled weather, cave art, Irish Saint of The Day, Eating with Sinners including those who require Christs Mercy. Plus a surprise for you newer to the show. Thanks for listening, you make me day, now get to work!

11/7/18 LSD and The Nuclear Codes a Treatise on Human Control


Navy Nuclear Codes and why LSD should be mandatory for the Senile Senate awaiting sedation from sedition. Adam Schiff looms over a Triumphant Trump if you ask him.

We pray for the Salvation of the World, even Nancy Pelosi and the show embraces a Blue Heaven. Napalm Death and Boston cause why not.

The Funkiest Towns hire AI Mayor McCheeses to their Nutrition/financial program and apparently the CO Governor had some news for those (me) not paying attention. Blue Colorado is Heaven on Earth.

An 11 Year gets involved in his 2nd Police Chase.


Good News, New AI discovers Alzeimer’s six years before its Onset.


Bad News, the same AI also makes insurance determinations based on Capacity to pay SO HERE IS THE GOOD BESIDES JESUS, We know you’re going out in Six Years, We take your Universal Basic Income for that Six Years and Triple it for your relatives on a sliding scale based on your state sanctioned and monetized push of a button. OR and pay attention. You take 1/3 of your UBI as a punishment for staying alive and affecting Global Climate Change, Traffic and American Idolatry Voting.


Now here is the button, its on a chain, don’t get it confused with your Life Alert.



Pitboss 2000, PC Deathsquad iTunes, Spotify, Band Camp, Pandora and where quality Thrash is Found.









11/6/18 Bonzo Election Goes to Bitcoingburg



We get a visit by the Nere-Dew-Wolf Choir who bust out some sweet background vocal work. Def Leppard, Brian May, Space Music, Space Junk, Space and Innerspace Stories of election bamboozling, edible eye arrangements to the Winners and the Losers get booted have having fake booty. Guy returns from the dead and they save an ocean baby and return it stirred not shaken. In Cold Blood, Celtic Frost, Meatmen, The Gap Band, The Beatles and Y&T show us how to make a Fiero into a Convertible.

11/5/18 Eve of Election Destruction


Saucy Seagulls cheer on Gillum and Beto as they pay off the local law enforcement. Pat Benatar for Senate. Election Panic Mode. Ringworm, Lamar Latrell and The Latrells, Fake News, Real News, Good, News and The HuffPo predicts a blue wave. Whiskey and The Surfer train for a triathalon, road trip, comedy life, Fox News and the hotel’s shower that never runs out of hot water so I don’t know when its over. Hour Show, thanks for the amazing comment! Listen, Share, Rate, Review and the worst Sheila Tole/Lois from the Family Guy voicecropped-fb_img_15327064625371.jpg

11/1/18 Fake News Competition

Don Lemon Gets a Theme Song and stars at a Symposium for Posers. We get into Night Ranger, Hitting The Road, Van Halen Double Shot, Metallica and the weirdest weird in Fake News as we have our 3 Column Battle to see who wins Story of The Day!



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