11/20/18 Worldwide Live Nere-Do-Wolves

Broh we bust out some Aretha, Vietnom, BTO, Madball, Manic Hispanic, KEEL, SKARHEAD, SOD and more exciting top Iconic Rock we get into of course, SEX ROBOTS, Artificial Intelligence, Polyamorous UK Couple has 400th Wedding, Kojack’s Tootsie Roll Solves a Crime and Hawaii 5-0 rolls in to Help Out. Fart Contest at a Dart Contest and the Randomness only Whiskey and The Surfer can bring. Live 10am to Noon MT whiskeyandthesurfer.com or on the Spreaker, Anchor, iHeart App and if you wanna leave or message or TEXT The Nere-Do-Wolf Line its 720 815 6515 or 720 81 LOK 15 Data Rates Apply, Call your Doctor if your Health Insurance Lets You.


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