Nov 27th 117 Hours Part 1 of 3


Whiskey and The Surfer, DJ Phant0m, The Volume Knob and the Rock Riffs of America who still believes in the America that knows its America. Disco hits, thrash, comedy stories, long tangets, we got it all!

First third of the Nov 27th, we talk real friends, border boredom, Asylum the waste of time not the KISS record which some argue is the same thing. Disco,Thrash,Metal,Hot Jams, Hotter Takes and Scolding. We tell some comedy and life stories, take over the Fake News and make it Great Again and talk about philosophically where the country is at and celebrate our newest listeners from The Governments/Verizons Safety Hub in VA. Enjoy the show its fun its funny and its Free here. the rest is on the Patreon, Best ofs coming as I chop em up.

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