11/14/18 Acosta’s Warzone and Florida’s Snaked Vote



Listen to “Whiskey and The Surfer” on Spreaker.


DeNiro is throwing SNL Ratings Haymakers around, we celebrate Deacon Gray, Comedy Works, Healings, DMT, Billy Crystal gets left during the LOLPacalypse. Trump Supporter bounced from Disney World. Show Tonight Midnight 24/7 Comedy Radio. Today’s show is bangerfilled from Maiden to Eddie Grant to a Gun Battle at the Craigslist Meetup to fill in Votes. Weaponized Insects, Darpa is on a Mission, we talk Cell Phone Tech, Google gets Canadian Pushback in Toronto, Malaysians, MORE LIKE MAILAYSIANS sending Snakes through the Mail. A waxing gone awry turns into a Civil Rights Violation and we learn Canada has a Constitution too, but ours is better because Jesus. Sayin
Enjoy, What other choice do you have


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