11/13 Cali Weather Weaponized Hate Campaign



Listen to “Whiskey and The Surfer” on Spreaker.

Whiskey and The Surfer declare themselves to be Pro Rich people saving Rich people things to show everyone how better they are. None of this is real in the Simulation. The Time Machine cranked up to 11 and the year 2065 Spills into the Joke Farm that is ELO, The Cars, Violent Definition, The Gap Band, NKOTB and a Snake Farm has a party and Ringworm is playing! Red Flag Warnings Lead to Confiscation and Blue states ramp up for the 2024 Gun Grab. Plenty of time to get the country where they demand it. Oh you mean The National ID Card where I had to state how many firearms I had, but its cool, its private and only data scientists will see this form. Sex Robot Brothels, a dude wang chungs his ex and her complaint has a Cavernous Echo. The Cali Fires and Energy Weapons. Trump’s France trip and iGen is sent there to fight in a Real Life Hungergames. Winner gets 1/2 of their student loans held back for two years.

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