11/9/18 Trunk Full of Votes for Old School America


So here we go again. Rigged Voting. Trunks full of votes, votes opened, vetted, turned in late, what a ruse. Imagine creating a scenario that is so poorly put together the point is to get the close to Kavanaugh as possible because they are out for Blood. The memeing of this election worker works with other parts of the Trump Propaganda arm of Entertainment. We are seeing the melting down of people fighting his new Interim 2x 210 Term dude who has been working in the wings as a 1. High Level Employee 2. Working for more than 90 Days. Whammo. Planned all along. Now theyre out of their mind, braving traffic and late trains to protest the calculated firing/resignation of Sessions, you know, the Anti Weed guy MSNBC hated now are suckling at the Teet of a new book tour and more hands to wring and wring out the attention of a flailing younger voter class. 


Its time to go back to old School 70s, 80s America like Grandma and Grandpa used to play. 

Cart Path Only

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