11/7/18 LSD and The Nuclear Codes, A Treatise on Human Control


Navy Nuclear Codes and why LSD should be mandatory for the Senile Senate awaiting sedation from sedition. Adam Schiff looms over a Triumphant Trump if you ask him.

We pray for the Salvation of the World, even Nancy Pelosi and the show embraces a Blue Heaven. Napalm Death and Boston cause why not.

The Funkiest Towns hire AI Mayor McCheeses to their Nutrition/financial program and apparently the CO Governor had some news for those (me) not paying attention. Blue Colorado is Heaven on Earth.

An 11 Year gets involved in his 2nd Police Chase.


Good News, New AI discovers Alzeimer’s six years before its Onset.


Bad News, the same AI also makes insurance determinations based on Capacity to pay SO HERE IS THE GOOD BESIDES JESUS, We know you’re going out in Six Years, We take your Universal Basic Income for that Six Years and Triple it for your relatives on a sliding scale based on your state sanctioned and monetized push of a button. OR and pay attention. You take 1/3 of your UBI as a punishment for staying alive and affecting Global Climate Change, Traffic and American Idolatry Voting.


Now here is the button, its on a chain, don’t get it confused with your Life Alert.



Pitboss 2000, PC Deathsquad iTunes, Spotify, Band Camp, Pandora and where quality Thrash is Found. 

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