13 Whiskey and The Surfer Shows left for 2016, closing out on our first 200 Show Season 1. Coming back to you in January but until then we have TESLA, BON JOVI, SPUDMONSTERS, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, Something terrible from the 90s that isn’t one of my bands (redundant). Swedish Chef finds out what the Muslim word for Haymaker is as he catches a sweet beat down for looking like DJT. Swedish Chef’s hat has been hiding Trumps wig and we’ve known it since the 70s. MKULTRA back in the news and by that I mean the Mind Control and not some Kommisar Tea House you snap at during Poetry and Authentic Digital Ethnic Self Expression Night, Promocode:ShhhhhhI’mreadingsomethingthatmakesmemad Soros parading protestors into the oncoming riots, Minimum Wage workers enjoying that Christmas Bonus and trading Faces for Burgers in the Spit Session of their Venom. Are we doomed? Probably. Are we being manipulated by outside forces? Does advertising really work? Use the amazon link at and Perhaps your current opinion has been drilled into you since you of Television Age. Keep watching, you’ll be dead one day and realize you missed AGAIN, you’ll be back, they always come back. Be it the closing of Nirvana or the Heart of Christ, what are you doing to ascend inside of this Holographic Simulation we call America?


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