Robots Vs TRUMP


Robots and why they are coming to get us unless we grant them the same access to bathrooms as everyone else and their cooling systems are heating up for battle. Protesters against Trump realize had they protested the DNC for Bernie like that, they would’ve been getting it wet inside whatever Candle Store they read their poetry at. We teach Boneheads how to count, Paul Stanley gives us the meaning of life, couple EXPLOITED jams to celebrate the return of Presidential hating circle mosh and brick throwing dissent but these nerds throw like nerds who have never thrown IRL, so now I can’t say anything about Rotator Cuffs because they can’t shoulder the responsibility to not be offended by sounds. Go listen to Dokken today in celebration that this planet may just be the Cockrock Cockroach in this corner of the simulation. Plus listener complaints and Mondo and Carnito with the Traffic and Weather.



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