Fandango Fiasco Fiesta

You want options?

Here is the Show running time 44 minutes.






Here is the Whiskey and The Surfer Podcast running time 33 minutes.


Chaos related bloodletting in the name of political good taste are we seeing the rise in Occult stories along with the 8 Goddesses scandal in South Korea or is some evil cabal really not fast enough to stay ahead of the internet they created… Maybe the AI models they have been running show their own AI will be undone because the truthful nature of mathematics and computing would give rise to the most efficient algorithms and that’s the Math the HillDog uses when she’s slamming Mimosa’s at a 7am briefing. Hell Bent for Leather we talk about BDSM and leading to altered states and deeper levels of creativity and that’s only if your budget matches your ability to come up with weird shiz. Today’s live show can be found at and at use the AMAZON Links to help grow this daily digital romp through maniac Mint Shit. Today’s Show RINGWORM, SLAYER, HATEBREED, UNIFORM CHOICE, MINOR THREAT, QUEENSRYCHE and an homage to a HERO of the show. Take Your Prayers and Say Your Vitamins.


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