Cubs WIN – Whiskey and The Surfer – MS181


Bonus Content for the Live Listeners, the podcast can be found at and Today’s Show we played homage to the Cubs with Chicago with the Expressed Written Dissent of Libertarians we raged on with Sick of it All, The Almighty Agnostic Front, 2 incarnations of King Diamond and Take Offense, Maiden and Night Ranger round out the roster. Sex Robots, scandals, anarchy of the spirit as a singular journey as the God of Culture is forced upon your every view, but you control the Horizon of your perceptions so head on down to O’Reillys and get one of those motor mounts because these Robots are NOT LIGHT. Experience these extraordinary times in the most extraordinary way you can for tomorrow is promised to no one. Sex Robot Divorce and FIFA level illuminati conspire to inspire a whole generation of future imprisoned American Soccer Fans who wear jerseys that say BIMBO. and Circus. and on towards the Sea we Go.

Cart Path Only

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