Garage Pod Revisited – Whiskey and The Surfer


The cell reception is so terrible at the condo I’m staying at that I had to podcast from the garage, like some kind of obese Marc Maron. We talk what we always talk, Running with the Flock of Seagulls, Running with the Devil, Metallica, Styx, Parasite from KISS, Dokken makes an appearance along with Europe, Accept, we dump the Misfits, some acoustic thing I have no idea about, The Ramones and Minor Threat. DJ Phantom was mixing up her pictures and throwing off speed stuff. The at bat of life never ends until it does so you might as well keep hitting bombs. We talk mostly about criminal mischief and we break down the beattitudes. We are at King Bee Wednesday Night with Chris Cubas and Chris Fairbanks, at the Spiderhouse Ballroom 9/9, 10pm Free Show for Peep Show with Zac Brooks and Lisa Friedrich who went on The Show Before The Show 48 with me and BDoe today at KLBJ, we also met Jack Ingram and we are submitted Pitboss 2000 songs to the showcase where my sweet ass jams will get judged by people who can actually play. Not that I can’t but c’mon really, I wrote a riff last year just based on an account number for an infected Poison Ivy ER Visit that I forgot to pay again. Prayer is the powerwasher for the sin grime on your hull. Do the work and watch the game change. “Swung on and a drive, its high, its hard, its handsome, its history.” – Amarillo TV Announcer Summer 93.

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