Unchain The Night – Whiskey and The Surfer


To borrow my bearded Cosmic Brother BDoe’s War Rally Cry for his Rowdy Rockers, we too will share in the joy that is Fridaylujah! DJ Phantom sits down and fires up a literal bevvy, a cornucopia, an ultimate nature’s balance of mosh riffs including Overkill, Testament, Metallica, Slayer and Eddie Money. We apologize to Eddie Murphy, we wonder about media manipulation in regards to Swedish heckling, we finally get an outfit for the XLAX Zink Pitboss 2000 wedding like we said we were gonna. Do I look like an Extra from Scream 3? Well then who among us will be the first to judge. We talk about wine skins, Judge Judy, North Korean Backpack Nukes, illegal socks and we save you 270 minutes of your life force and atleast $45 by explaining why you should not see the 3 movies I already forgot about even though I was just explaining my cohesive and well thought out arguments about why these movies suck and some of it has to do with Juggalos. My mom sings Van Halen, I buy a Yamaha guitar in 1990 and we find out who is evil.

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