Crossbow Attack – Whiskey and The Surfer


DJ Phantom shows up with Testament, some 80’s oddities, we live through a montage preparing for a yacht race, we hit up Spiderhouse for Waterbed, jam out to Hatebreed, AF, Kill Your Idols, SOIA, The Cars, Van Halen, we play the drums, talk illegal robots, announce the new name of the show and the wheels come off when the voice breaks. Overkill prepares the way for a Patrick Swayze showdown. Friday and Saturday we are at the Joke Joint Comedy Showcase, Sunday through Saturday I am Columbus Ohio for the XLAX Wedding festivities, 9/9 its Peep Show at Spiderhouse in Austin, Bay Area 9/21, Denver 9/25-10/2, Little Rock, OKC, Wichita and more as we invade the simulation with an overload of Jesus and sweet ass riffs. I forgot to mention that the new movie “Don’t Breath” looks terrible, 0 out of 0 1’s given in the simulation of attention.

Cart Path Only

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