Ignocracy MS 118 8/4/16 Cart Path Diem with John Tole and DJ Phantom


Cart Path Diem MS118 Ignocracy 8/4/16


Cart Path Diem rages with a rock spine including PC Deathsquad, Journey, Jackson Browne, Styx, Misfits, Death Before Dishonor, Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, Exodus and Mantic Ritual. We tackle neural nets, hacking the brain, Trumps maniac news conference, Sox drop 2 straight, DJ Phantom throws some pre show Slayer from Hell Awaits, do animals have a soul and the love of hit and run footage. Be the grainy surveillance film of your life.


PC Deathsquad


Jackson Browne



Death Before Dishonor


Agnostic Front


Sorry we are late, technical difficulties and disk space.


Cart Path Only

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