That Metal Show Comedy Tour Chicago June 2 of 7

June 14th 5:45am I’m back at the airport in Austin winging my way out to Chicago and Detroit to assist and tour manage for the That Metal Show Comedy and Metal Roadshow starring Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson.

After a 2 hour flight and a 90 minute train ride and a cab from the hotel I find myself not only in the shadow of the confines of Wrigley Field but holding tickets to see the Tigers play the Cubs.

Our tickets were lower deck behind home plate, the weather was perfect and Jason Verlander from the Tigers was making the Cubs look foolish. He was busting dudes hands inside, his slider was nasty and even better it was like a Tigers home game. I’d have to say 65-70% of the fans were there for the Tigers. Now we know where all that money is going when they’re not in Michigan defaulting on their mortgages.
The Tigers ended up winning and I spent the afternoon talking about baseball, KISS,

metal and eating peanuts.

After the game Bryan, a metal fan and Cubs representative showed up with 6 cubs shirts and hats and escorted us through the front office down onto the field.

Stepping onto the field was not only mind blowing but the Cubs were playing the Red Sox the next day and they were getting ready.

Don Eddie and Jim
Me when I was 17 and thin yet still too slow to make it.

So Awesome!
Visitors Dugout, Notice the dented fountain.
I was 3 days from my 41st birthday with a check mark next to not only seeing a game at Wrigley but getting on the field.

After the game we went back to the hotel and showered up.

We ended up staying and sat with Eddie who talked about KISS, Ace Frehley, and the early days at Megaforce Records. My inner metal nerd was satisfied, I dreamed of baseball, The Sox and good old Metallica! Tomorrow was the big show at The Cubby Bear.

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