The Block Party Takes Over Chicago and Arizona

The Ronnie Mund Block Party is in full force and this weekend’s shows have proven this tour is reaching epic status. With Scott The Engineer having to attend “a family event”, it meant that the tour would be down one person until Dabadass JD Harmeyer agreed to co-host with the man, the myth, the legend and my hero Ronnie “The Limo Driver” Mund.

I flew into Chicago ahead of the tour to do some comedy networking and headline The Liar’s Club as we sent off Family Tattoo’s own Bill Smiles in a drunken splendid fashion as he relocates to Texas. Check out Bill and Family Tattoo there on Belmont in Chicago if you want top notch tattooing.

The view of Chicago from Family Tattoo.

103 floors up on the Sears Tower, from here on a clear day you can see how fat everyone is in Wisconsin.

This was my Ferris Beuller’s Day off moment.

Meanwhile while I was sight seeing and wandering around Chicago which was highlighted by a female traffic cop yelling at me for jay walking and referring to me as a “Fat Faggot”, the boys were flying out of New York to Chicago.

JD Harmeyer, Shuli Egar, Maddog Mattern and Ronnie The Limo Driver were keeping the fans updated via twitter of their progress.

Stern Fans are everywhere and I encountered this as I met the boys and the crew from Howard TV at OHare Airport.

Ronnie was in rare form as always, busting balls, cracking jokes and being hysterical.

This woman cut in line in front of us to get in the airport shuttle, Maddog Mattern commented she looked like Miss Cleo.

During the ride Ronnie was asking show logistical questions like , ” can we burn a shirt on stage?”

We had cabs lined up to take us to the venue when the news broke that a car had wrecked on the freeway and had crashed into the blue line and traffic was snarled.

Luckily super fan Bob Shankman was on hand and available to drive us to the show, the only downside…Bob drives a rape van, a windowless, seatless Rape Van.

Bob let’s Ronnie into the Van.

JD sits uncomfortably prompting Shuli to tweet that he has JD hostage, the best response coming from a fan who said, “we don’t negotiate with terrorists.”

Maddog is visually “relieved” to be out of the van once we reached The Cubby Bear.

The view from our green room at the Cubby Bear where it was said, the Mayor himself had demanded Scott Salem stay home because the town couldnt have Scott and the Cubs in the same city at the same time.

The meet and greet was packed and the crowd filled the venue beyond capacity.

The fans had home made shirts, hand made signs and they were by far the most gracious and rabid fans we’ve had so far.

JD led off the Block Party and brought on Ronnie.

Maddog, Shuli and I brought the comedy destruction and two hours later we were partying late into the night, since we had to be at the airport at 3:15am to check in for our 5:05 am flight to Arizona.

Waiting in line at security.

Ronnie and Maddog at 5am, punchy and ready to sleep during the flight.

Shuli takes a much needed nap.

We landed in Arizona as the sun came up and were immediately shuttled to our hotel to sleep and after some much needed rest we hit the pool area.

Somehow managed to get the last suite in our hotel which was a handicapped accessible so Ronnie had a special shower and a short tiny closet … Which well…

The crowd at the Red Revolver in Scottsdale was electric and ready to party. Tonights line up was beefed up with the addition of Yucko The Clown. The Show was amazing, the fans loved it and while they didn’t bring any signs, Arizona brought tons of hot chicks and some awesome home made shirts.

Maddog killed, Yucko Killed, Shuli Killed and I brought my filth laden dog and pony show to the masses, the fans loved it and it was awesome to see so many stoked happy Stern fans in one place.

This tour has been incredible, the fans get up close access to their favorite Stern cast members, they get to interact, they get to be a part of the greatest show in the history of Radio.

It’s like a Family Reunion you actually want to go to.

Big things are in the works and we just announced The Ronnie Mund Jamaican Getaway for March 2013!!!

It’s a 3 night 4 day fan experience where you get to party with The Block Party in Montego Bay Jamaica, attend shows, comedy workshops, and have a once in a lifetime Stern Fan Experience.

It’s a limited event so booking in advance is mandatory!!

Coming soon in April the Block Party invades Sacramento and San Francisco!! Joining the tour in SF is song parody guru and comedian Eli Braden and he will be taking my place for that weekend because I was invited to be a part of the MoonTower Comedy Festival with Steven Wright, Aziz Ansiri, Seth Meyers and more!!!!

With the weekend over we all flew back home, according to JD, Ronnie was holding court on the plane and grabbed these pics, while I let the whisky do the talking to finish this blog.

I’ve been on the road since 2009 with The Killers of Comedy, The Miserable Men Comedy Tour, The Sal and Richard Show and now The Ronnie Mund Block Party.

The things I’ve witnessed, the fans, the energy, the incredible support involved as we all (fans and the guys from the show) come together to bring comedy as Superfans of The Howard Stern Show.

Without Howard, none of this is possible.

As a superfan I know how stoked our friend Tom was to drive us home from the Chicago Show and grab some quick fast food while Ronnie. Shuli, JD and myself cracked jokes and had a blast.

It’s these moments that makes the Block Party amazing!!

Come see it!!
Coming up!
Sacramento, San Francisco, Toronto, Long Island, Manhattan, Providence, LA, San Diego and more!!! PLUS JAMAICA!!!

All tour info and tickets can be at

Follow us all on twitter!


HEY NOW!!!!!

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