The Ronnie Mund Block Party Seattle and Portland

The widely discussed and anticipated Ronnie Mund Block Party invaded the Northwest with two standing room only shows in Seattle WA and Portland OR. The fans in attendance were given full access to the festivities, boobs, comedy and wack pack legend Gary The Retard!

The weekend started with the tour members flying to Seattle from New York, Austin and Los Angeles.

Shuli live tweeted the trip @shalomshuli which found Shuli, Ronnie and Scott leaving Sirius in a monsoon.

With Scott behind the wheel the black cloud was definitely along for the trip. The black cloud found it’s way into the terminal where Scott was unable to buy water because the register up and died prior to the transaction.

I flew from Austin to Seattle and like all road trips it was marred with stupidity. Personally I’m not a fan of airplane humor but Brian Regan could do an hour on this photo of failure in action.

Seattle is a great city, great fans and we got an unexpected two days of great weather instead of the drab rainy grey cold that’s so bad. Cobain took the easy way out.

Some fans met us in the hotel and the Mambo King was signing autographs and a fan had this great idea. In the near future, expect to see eBay stores based out of third world countries selling bootleg “Stop The Clock” or Flava Flav stealing Ronnie’s catch phrase.

Shuli, Yucko and Ronnie wait outside the hotel before we headed over to The El Corazon for the meet and greet. Scott is absent because someone or everyone “forgot” to tell him what time we were meeting.

Ronnie Mund and the man behind the scenes Seqouia from Cleanbox Entertainment prepare for a night of wild antics. This photo is what I imagine a 30 year anniversary would look like if the people involved in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters didn’t die of loneliness way before.

The meet and greet was great and the fans were able to hang out and get pictures with the tour members. Some were nice enough to share their photos for the tour blog. If you have photos or video you would like included, send them to me on twitter @johntole

After the meet and greet, the crowd was hyped up and ready to rock. Fans were thrilled with Scott The Engineer’s high energy dance intro which gave way to Ronnie welcoming everyone and getting the show started. The highlight of Scott’s dance was when he tried to enter the stage from the front but it was too high and you could see the look on his face when he realized it wasn’t going to happen and he gracefully played it off and entered from the side averting near disaster.

Jason Stewart, who you would know from The Killers of Comedy on the Road and The Promoter, started the comedy off and that gave way to Ronnie’s Hot Chick Contest. Then, I was brought up to do my act. The crowd was hot and loved the dirty offensive material. 20 minutes later I was done and out back sweaty and hurling Jameson and pizza because I’m a disgusting human.

Yucko had just flown in from LA and had to get in make up and costume in the cab ride over (which must have been a mind fuck for the cab driver). It’s bad enough you gotta drive a cab around, get stiffed and possibly get murdered, now there’s an angry clown yelling obscenities and honking a horn.

Yucko destroyed the room and then it was the man of the hour, Shuli Egar who finished out the Seattle Block Party stop with his hysterical act. He was only interrupted once by a gentleman who picked a room full of security and 250 people to yell “white power”. That “gentleman” finished the show laying on the side walk and explaining to the cops how he was “misunderstood”.

Aside from that, the WA, ID, MT and Canadian Stern fans were incredible and it felt like being with family.

After the show, Ronnie, Sequoia, our camera crew, fans and I went over to Rebar for some late night partying. Ronnie was the king of the dance floor and held court. Side note Rebar is a gay bar and Ronnie was by far the best dancer.

With Seattle successfully behind us, it was time for the Block Party to head on down to Portland. I love surreal moments in my life where I get to drive Ronnie The Limo Driver around.

Justin from Cool Hand Pictures was with us to document the weekend.

Scott was less than enthused about the ride. Shuli the pro prankster was live tweeting the ride and snapping every Scott and Ronnie photo possible when he wasn’t interrupting Ronnie’s naps with the sound effect app he had installed on his phone.

The highlight of the ride was when we pulled the ol “everyone scream when I jam on the brakes game”. See photo for a very terrified Ronnie.

Video is coming soon of the whole weekend so look out for it, it’s hysterical.

After 150 miles and a trip to Denny’s where Ronnie actually looked at the 55+ menu we arrived in Portland and got ready for our show at The Hawthorne Theater.

The crowd in Portland was huge and loud and took every opportunity to try to derail the block party.

Yucko went up first and was followed by Ronnie’s Hot Chick Dance Contest.

After the dance contest Shuli, Gary The Retard and I held down the comedy portion of the show and sent the fans home happy.

We did have to have to some fans removed from the Portland show because they felt it was cool to fuck up the show by yelling and ruin the good fans time. Much respect to the awesome Stern Fans who supported and suck a big dick to the small group of ego maniacs who used the show as an opportunity to yell mindless drivel, you should be ashamed of yourself not just for yelling and being assholes but for doing it in such a boring uncreative way.

We are going to be in Hartford CT at City Steam Brewery on Friday Feb 24th and Stamford CT at
Fiddlers Pub on Saturday Feb 25th and we are excited to have JD Harmeyer with us!

Tickets and information for upcoming shows and cities is available at

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See you on the road in 2012.

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